June 23rd 2018 Software Update

We have recently updated the software for the Back Yard Preview.

To receive the latest software update, please connect your Back Yard Preview to either 

If you do not have WiFi or Ethernet in your Store, that’s ok. Just take your Back Yard Preview Kit to any place with secure internet like your home and connect there. The software update should take about 30-45 min. over ethernet or WiFi (depending on internet speed) but we suggest to let your Back Yard Previews run overnight.


Connect Your Back Yard Preview Through Ethernet

The fastest way to receive the latest software update is to connect your Back Yard Preview to the Internet via Ethernet Cable.

Plug an Ethernet Cable to the Ethernet Port on your Router


 Note: Your Router may look different from the Image provided

Before Powering the Brainbox, locate The Ethernet Port.


Make sure The SanDisk USB and SD card are plugged into the Brainbox. 

The SD Card may be covered by a silver sticker on your Brainbox. Do not remove sticker. If the Back Yard Preview is playing on your Television, then the SD card is plugged in correctly

Warning: If you have not purchased a new Back Yard Preview Kit in 2018 or did not purchase the latest SanDisk USB update pre loaded with videos for 2018, DO NOT plug in your current USB. The videos on that SanDisk USB will be erased once your Back Yard Preview is connected to the internet.

If you have not received the updated SanDisk USB with new videos, visit Upgrade BYP

Plug in The other End of the Ethernet Cable to the Brainbox from your Router

Make Sure that 

  • The SanDisk USB 
  • The SD Card
  • Ethernet Cable from the Router
are plugged into the Brainbox before Powering up

Plug The Power To The Brainbox 


Leave the Brainbox for at least 30-45 minutes or overnight to receive the latest software update. 

The green light should be flashing indicating that you are connected to the Internet. 


If you have multiple Back Yard Preview Kits, you can connect them on multiple Ethernet Ports on your router or connect them all via WiFi