Wi-Fi Setup

To configure your Back Yard Preview device to access your local network, simply follow the below steps.

  1. Turn on your Back Yard Preview device.
  2. In your device manual, open the appendix and scan the ‘Enable Wifi’ barcode.
  3. Restart your device using the ‘Restart Device’ barcode.
  4. Scan the ‘Configure Network’ barcode. You should notice that your screen now displays login information for a mobile hotspot.
  5. Using a mobile device (phone, tablet, etc) login to the hotspot using the credentials on your screen.
  6. Once you are logged into the device, open a web browser (Chrome, Edge, Safari, etc) and navigate to admin.byp.local/ (this trailing slash, “/”, is important).
  7. You should now see the Back Yard Preview device’s admin website. Click ‘Manage Wifi’.
  8. In the dropdown (labeled “Wifi Name (SSID)”) locate the wifi network you wish to join.
  9. In the textbox (labeled “Password”) enter the password for the selected wifi network.
  10. Click the button labeled “Connect to Wifi”. After a moment, you should receive a confirmation popup.
  11. Your Back Yard Preview device will notify you, on the device’s screen, that you are now connected, then redirect you back to the video player.
  12. For security, after approximately 1 minute, the device’s hotspot will turn off.